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sessantanove sessantanove valencia a shibari temple, bondage and kinbaku in Valencia

us and the shibari
sessantanove shibari

69 is the space in Valencia dedicated to shibari lovers. We teach and practice the Martial Art, exploring all its aesthetic, technical, performative virtues, and the great therapeutic power as a personal and couple experience as well.

We wanted to link shibari to eroticism, because its aesthetic and sensorial power is alive and palpable, but we radically distance it from the concept of BDSM, domination and submission that (according to our humble opinion) has kept it from its therapeutic power and has not been able to take advantage of its artistic potential.
shibari workshops for couples

The best way to get in touch with the Shibari is through the semi-private workshops (max 6 people) that take place in 69.

The most sensual, fun, erotic-oriented way is the private bondage and kinbaku workshops for couples.
You two, and two of us. Nobody else.
In 69, or we can move to your place (and if you offer us the dinner, there is a discount! :).

Three hours of explanations and specific exercises for rigger and model. An intimate atmosphere, complice, fun and cordial, the care of every detail, all our attention directed towards you and your partner will assure you an effective learning and an unforgettable experience.
More info in our blog (ESP):
Shibari and Kinbaku workshops in Valencia
erotic photography
erotic photography shibari valencia

If you want an intimate photo session, erotic, fetish or X, 69 is your place. In this website you can see some of our photos and if you like our style, we wait you to plan your session with us.

If you are looking for a photo shoot using ropes and shibari, 69 is THE place: there is no other place even close to Valencia that offers our services.

If you're a photographer looking for a space, all 69, but especially our photographic set is the dream of every photography artist.
Find it in our blog (ESP):
Photograph with (or without) shibari, kinbaku and bondage

peer rope - mushibarte
musica shibari arte mushibarte sessantanove

Mushibarte: Music, Shibari and Art, all together. A late-afternoon jam session, draw-and-tie in a peer rope. Madness, but an absolutely enriching experience.

If you are a shibari expert and want to practice, share your experiences and meet other rope lovers, the peer rope is your time.
In our blog: (ESP):
Peer Rope Valencia - that's what you can do
MUSHIBARTE - music, shibari and art jam session
valencia fallas shibari

We collaborate with Art Festivals, Cinematographic Productions, Theater Companies, Artists, Dancers, Casales Falleros, Event Organizers, Photographers, Actors and Models, Psychotherapists, Gestalt Experts, Yoga Instructors, Masseurs and a long etcetera.

If you want names and surnames, you can look for the traces of our pedigree in our blog, on facebook, or come and check on people :)
contacts and social networks

You can find us on the Barrio del Carmen, Ciutat Vella. Calle Doctor Beltrán Bigorra 13 bajo. 46003 Valencia.

69 shibari valencia

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